CM Financial Solutions, Inc. is a provider of Cash Management continuing professional education (CPE) courses for those interested in expanding their knowledge of cash management.  These courses are endorsed by several state CPA societies who utilize the course to assist their members increase their knowledge of the subject and fullfill their CPE annual requirements.  Cash Management Fundamentals, Solutions for Maximizing Corporate Cash is a recently published text included in the course as resourse materiels when the course is taught.

The text book, Cash Management FundamentalsSolutions for Maximizing Corporate Cash addresses cash management as it applies to the financial manager directly responsible for it.  In addition, the book offers numerous perspectives, recommendations and insights applicable to the financial manager's supervior, to the consultant, the practicing CPA, the banker, the treasurer, the internal auditor and staff personell working with cash and investments.  As a result, this work represents a comprehensive approach to cash management, incorporating a variety of practices and viewpoints, all of which will help the reader recognize and take advantage of opportunities to improve the company's cash position.  For further information regarding purchasing the book , click on Cash Mgt Book above.

For those interested in obtaining CPE credit on a home-study basis, the course and book can be purchased, studied and in turn CPE credit can be earned upon passing a comprehensive test which can be taken on-line.  For further information regarding home-study, click on CPE Courses above.

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