Classroom to Career
              Making the Most of Your Educational Experience

Classroom to Career, a part of the Career Excellence series, addresses the need to properly prepare for your career by obtaining a formal education and learning practical skills required for your career success.  It addresses how you think, learn, understand and apply your formal learning to your field of study.  It also explains steps to success in your college endeavors and learning practical know-how to maximize your preparation.  This book provides numerous perspectives, insights and recommendations applicable to learning, career preparation and skills.  By studying this book, you will develop practical knowledge and capabilities for applying your college education to your future career and success in life.

Copyright   2015
Pages 288 including index

            Career Development and Planning
            Enhancing Your Education and Career Preparation

Career Development and Planning, a part of the Career Excellence series, addresses the need to plan further for your future career while in school.  This book addresses the importance of excelling in your current and future school work and discusses the application of your education to "real world" experience.  The book offers a comprehensive explanation of the value of work-related experience including internships, externships, working student experience and volunteer work.  By studying this book, you will become better equipped to plan, prepare, develop and accomplish your career goals while pursuing your college degree.

Career Development and Planning Workbook is a companion to the Career Development and Planning text.  It provide numerous checklists and worksheets to enhance your understanding of the concepts taught in the text and helps you monitor your progress through you college degree pursuit.

Copyright   2015
191 pages including index

                Career Growth and Strategy
                                 Keys to Career Success

Career Growth and Strategy, a part of the Career Excellence series, addresses the need to become informed in the subject of getting you career on track.  It begins with the process of preparing to go into the workforce, create an effective resume and pursue employment.  Once employment is secured, contents of this book will serve as a resource on yow to fast-track your employment career.  By studying this book, you will expand your knowledge and confidence with time-proven principles associated with career success.

Copyright   2015
188 pages including index


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