Cash Management Fundamentals Course - Seminar Style
CM Financial Solutions, Inc. provides CPE courses in the area of Cash Management.  The        following is a summary of the current course offered:
       Course Title                  Cash Management Fundamentals
       Course Type                 Live Seminar (Edward D. Peterson, Instructor)
       Course Duration            8 Hours
       Course Level                 Basic
       Prerequisites                  None
       CPE Credit                   8 Hours
       Course Materials           Text Book - Cash Management Fundamentals
       Course Cost                  Varies with Sponsor (Contact us for more information)

Cash Management Fundamentals Course - Self-Study Style
A self-study course is also available as summarized below:
       Course Duration             Depends on student
       Course Level                  Basic
       Prerequisites                   None
       CPE Credit                    10 Hours
       Course Materials            Text Book - Cash Management Fundamentals     
       Course Cost                   $ 110  (Includes text book)
       Completion Certificate    Upon Completion of Examination (online), Certificate is Issued
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